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FSJ Incoming

Why choose a FSJ (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr = Voluntary Year of social service) Incoming?

Would you like to commit yourself to a cause? Or just orient yourself as to how it could go on personally and professionally? Do you also want to gain new cultural experiences in Germany?

Then an FSJ Incoming is the right thing for you: You work for a year in a social institution. You commit yourself equally to yourself and to other people. You take responsibility and can personally develop further.

Which benefits does a FSJ offer you?

  • You meet many different people, gain experience in a new environment in a foreign country.
  • You will develop personally, learn about your personal abilities and limitations.
  • You will take responsibility, win self-confidence.
  • You will meet new people, exchange with other volunteers in the group.
  • You will gain professional orientation, experience social professions in practice, gather experience in teamwork.
  • There will be support and training in the accompanying seminars, discussions of social and political issues.
  • You can bridge the time gap while waiting for an apprenticeship or the beginning of studies.

Fields of assignement


  • Age between 18 und 26 years,
  • interest in practical work with people
  • willingness to be fully responsible for 12 months (minimum 6 months, maximum 18 months)
  • obligatory participation in at least 25 days of training (multi-day seminars and student days),
  • desire to be confronted with new ideas and changes, interest in social commitment

The Evangelical Volunteer Services are open to all people. Your participation is regardless of confessional or state affiliation. You do not have to have any professional knowledge or qualifications. Above all your motivation and your interest in working with people are asked for.

Application: Until March 1 of the year, in which a FSJ Incoming is to be started.

Time: starting dates are in August, September and October further starting dates in spring and upon arrangement.


  • 390 Euro pocket money and food allowance per month,
  • 27 days leave (32 days for a 6-day week),
  • usually travel cost contribution to work place,
  • free food / accommodation and travel allowance during seminars,
  • costs for social security contributions (health, pension, nursing care and unemployment insurance) as well as accident and liability insurance are borne,
  • qualified certificate,
  • minimum of 25 training days, pedagogical guidance.

Costs: The cost of the visa application, travel expenses to Germany and possibly accommodation must be borne by the volunteers themselves.