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weltwärts Süd-Nord

Since 2013, we offer a developmental volunteer service, which is named “weltwärts Süd-Nord” (Into the world South-North). The south-north component of the weltwärts program is open to a wide range of young adults from countries of the Global South, in the sense of social inclusion.

Objectives of the "weltwärts-Süd-Nord" program

  • Promoting equal exchange between the partners of the Global South and the Global North in the One World. Existing partnerships will be strengthened.
  • Personal development of the volunteers in a non-formal learning process through interpersonal encounters, intercultural exchange as well as transfer of knowledge and experience.
  • Strengthening civil society, in particular the partner organizations, which benefit from the multiplier effect and the commitment of returning volunteers.
  • Setting impulses for domestic development work in Germany. Through the exchange with international volunteers, new target groups are reached for dealing with development policy interrelations

In achieving the objectives, gender equality is taken into account at all levels of the program.

In order for you as a volunteer to get well acquainted in linguistic and cultural terms with Germany and your workplace and to be able to reflect developmental questions sensibly, the duration of a South-North voluntary service at the Evangelical Volunteer Services at the Diakonie Hessen is 12 months.

Further information about the weltwärts Süd-Nord program you will find here


Fields of assignments:


  • Age between 18 and 29 years,
  • Home country in the Global South (Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe),
  • interest in practical work with people in the developmental context,
  • willingness to be responsibly engaged for 12 months and to work full-time,
  • obligatory participation in at least 25 training sessions in the form of one-day and several-day seminars,
  • desire of being confronted with new ideas or changes, civil society and social commitment,
  • Prior civil society engagement in the home country

The Evangelical Volunteer Services are open to all people. Your participation is regardless of confessional or state affiliation. You do not have to have any professional knowledge or qualifications. Above all your motivation and your interest in working with people is asked for.

It is useful if you have basic knowledge of the German language (Level A2)

Application: Until March 1 of the year in which a worldwide-south-north volunteer service is to be started.

Time: starting dates are in August, September and October.


  • travel expenses allowance for entry into Germany from the home country,
  • 390 Euro pocket money and food allowance per month,
  • free accommodation,
  • 27 days leave (32 days for a 6-day week),
  • usually travel cost contribution to work place,
  • at least 25 days of training,
  • free food / accommodation and travel allowance during seminars,
  • costs for social security contributions (health, pension, nursing care and unemployment insurance) as well as accident and liability insurance are borne,
  • qualified certificate,
  • pedagogical guidance.

Costs: The cost of the visa application and part of the travel expenses must be borne by the volunteers themselves.