Education Days / Seminars in Voluntary Service

General Conditions

  • Participation in 25 education days is a fixed and obligatory part of your voluntary service. They take place regularly.
  • You will be part of a fixed group of 20-25 participants, with whom you attend the education days together. The groups are roughly divided by regions in the states of Hesse and Rheinland-Pfalz and usually start in September/October.
  • Our pedagogical staff will accompany you and your group throughout the year – you will have a fixed contact person.
  • The education days mostly take place over several days with overnight stays. Some days may also be conducted online.
  • The topics are broadly diversified and range from focal points from social work to current (social) political issues and practical life content, such as life dreams and life goals, stress and coping with stress. These topics are complemented by media seminars focussing on film, music and photography, educational days with an ecological focus, such as learning about sustainability, consumption, animal welfare or preserving ecosystems, as well as visits to institutions, exhibitions and memorials.
  • In the Federal Volunteer Service (BFD and ÖBFD), a seminar on political education takes place in a federal education center.
  • In the Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) and Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ), one of the seminars is conducted across groups as an elective seminar. The topics range from creative seminars, excursions with different focuses (historical exploration, outdoor experiences, etc.), to political education.

What You Gain:

  • You reflect on your deployment at the site, can exchange ideas, and receive support with questions about your deployment and intercultural topics.
  • You can co-determine the process and content by actively participating in the selection and design of the education days.
  • You meet like-minded individuals in voluntary service.
  • You can engage with topics that interest you during your time in voluntary service.
  • You get the opportunity to develop personally.